Saturday, June 6, 2009

no more H to the A to the H to the A for me

okay, anis and i made a deal, no more using the oh so famous Haha, HAHA, or any other form of online laughter. we are doing so because we believe this is the work of the evil satan, yes my friends, satan! hihi just kidding la , i think, and looky, i didn't use post title , instead, i used hihi, see , it is much more cuter than post title . so , i will try my best to not use post title, please, support me in this effort to once and for all get rid of this savage beast, amin.

hisan and anis ®


amirah ruzaimi said...

omg. H to the A to the H to the A.
hilarious. Hisan,hisan. Ini kerja you dengan Anis Diyana ? HIHI. True though. Hihi does sound cuter. Hihi :)

IN said...

asal tkmo HAHA? hihi

Ahmad Hisan said...

hihi yeah mira hihihi, dah boring punya pasal :D duhhh mmg la comel, tgok la sape yg start en hihihi, kak yan, hisan takmo *post title* sbb da ramai sgt org guna, x cool B-)