Wednesday, December 3, 2008

bandung , bilek dah cat

hello fellow boogers :) so no long boring posts anymore haha i'm gonna make it short and well berisik kot haha. so came back from bandung loads of fun. shopping like hell. cheap cheap cheap. and too bad it was school at that time. so now cewek ceweks around la haha bummer. went there for 4 days,26,27,28,29 came with 2 bags,went home with 1,2,3,4,5 bags haha imagine that. so 1st day, okay je shopping, 2nd day the same, ate at aunty dina's house ( the tauke of the hotel ) and she is reaalllly prrretaay and hot haha too bad she's married *sigh* 3rd day. aah my favourite. i was sick and i had to stay at the hotel for the whooole day boohooo. and lastly the 4th day, did some last minute shopping, oh flight delay 1 hour, so smbg shopping la en haha then went home la. so yeah. bandung was great. u people should try and have a visit for yourselves,my tip for you peeps, don't go on weekends. the kiasu jakarta-ian people will be there too. pictures? naah malas.

okay,the other topic okeh, finally, my room's been cat-ed yeahoo. thnks daddy.and and mmy and ddy bought me a glass almari to put all my megazords ( in case u people don't know what is a megazord, it's like mechanical fighting machines summoned by the power rangers whenever they are fighting an opponent hte size of a 50 storey building in other words , mainan budakbudak laaa ) oh here are a few of the pics,