Wednesday, December 31, 2008

august december 2008

ookayh. last post for my 2008 review summary sumting sumting.

so august :D erm, ah yes. the 7th was my birthday. no party. but at least mummy bought me some cake yum :D and thnks fr th cake mummy. no presents . yeay me :[ and later tht night had dinner with the family. mkn apo tah. so tu je la kot august. august was bland la this year. damn

moving onnnn

december! final month of the year and the month where skinny people get fat boys have thick hair and pakwe-s and makwe-s dating like hell haha. oh and rich people waste their money on useless crap. and lots of movie premiers. i'm sure all of you spent ur december onlining 24/7 kan? kaaan?! so did i :D but seriously , while everyone was off to tuition or you know STUDYING , i was all fun and games the whole month. yeah i know, bodo kan? haha. but seriously la. i felt like i wasted a whole month by doing nothing. yes, NOTHING! well sape suro rite? kan da nyesal woopeee

ngeh, enough being negative la hisan. woohooo. okay , so i'll list down the things tht i did on the last day of 2008.
.woke up at 11am
.baring kejap
.watched hsm2 around the world
.watched tv
.pergi maen bola
.bola x best,maen gh
.maen lagu knights of cydonia
.maen lagu one
.balek rumah around 7
.makan ice cream
.tgk camp rock
.maen piano jap
.bace paper, nmpk FLMP dekat kosmo
.bace blog fateen
.ym dgn fateen
.msn dgn alya
.aezack tego ckp muka nmpk matured
.gelak je
.maen lagu fallen leaves ( billy talent )
.balas comments
.bace bulletin happy new year yg di post kan oleh kwn2 die myspace
.doing this post
.and doing the countdown thingy . yeay

okay so tu yg dibuat oleh ahmad hisan bin ahmad wafa pada hari terakhir tahun 2008 :)
lots of ups and downs ,but mostly ups la kot.
lost a few , gained a lot

and tht's it and happy new year peeps :D