Sunday, November 9, 2008

pak mat

all of you maybe wondering why 'pak mat' is the title of the post. well, here's the story. pak mat is my neighbour. his wife makes nasik lemak every morning and sells them in front of their house ( and yes, the nasik lemak is really sedap ) . okay so back to the story. pak mat has been my jiran for almost 4-5 years if i'm not mistaken. so yeah. he's a really nice guy. he takes care of his kids and all. mows the lawn, jemput anak2 from school you know, all the work tht a dad should do. but today, all of tht will never happen anymore. because when i woke up, the first thing tht i heard was " abg hisan , pak mat dah meninggal" and i was like " ye er? " and yes i was in a state of shock. then i got a call from azwar " weh, ko pg x rumah azri ( pak mat's anak )? " and i was like " ha'ah. tungu ah jap. aku mandi balbalbalabl" damdamdum, so after bathing, went to azri's. people were reciting the yassin and all but i sat under the tree with a few friends. then started yapping blablabal. so after tht, they had to mandi the jenazah. so my mum told me to get a besen and fill it up with water and hantar to azri's house. so mandimandimandi, kapan kan la. the jenazah was scheduled to be kebumi-ed after the asar prayers. after all tht, went home, online kejap, and pergi maen bola. maen bola, nothing interesting happened so fast forward to the tahlil. it started right after isya' . sensei botak ( primary school teacher. he does not have tht many hair ) was there too. sumpa da lame x jumpe sensei botak dowh . so lepas tahlil mknmknmkn then balek. so yeah. tht's it la kot. and the lesson i learnt today was, we're all gonna die someday. so spend ur time wisely. don't be a goofball and sit in front of the monitor 24/7 . so THE END